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Moon Humidifier

(17 customer reviews)


Say Good Bye to Stress!!

Did you have a stressful day at work or school?

Our Moon Humidifier will help you relax with its beautiful soft, warm light and wonderful aromatherapy diffuser. Fill the moon up with your favorite fragrance, turn it on, lay down, close your eyes, breathe, and relax.



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  • Relax the body and induces sleep.
    Essential oils have soothing effects to your mind and body through the stimulation of your brain that helps you sleep better.
  • Enhance the respiratory tract health
    Keeps your home’s humidity within an optimal range, and helps you prevent bloody nose, sore throat, dry nasal passages and more.
  • Balances the emotional health
    A warm light combined with the correct humidity and the pleasant aroma of the essential oils will help you balance your emotions .


Did you know that Many people suffer headaches due to lack of sleep?

There are so many reasons why people don't get enough sleep, or have disturbances during sleep. Some people work so hard day and night and barely get an adequate amount of sleep that is needed to function normally.  Others, they are so stress that is difficult for them to relax or sleep deeply. This, has consequences in our health, that's why sleeping well is very important for us.  

Our cool mist Moon Humidifier and diffuser in combination with the correct oils essence will help you relax and sleep deeply.

4 IN 1

Aromatherapy. Our perfect moon combined with your favorite oil essence will make you feel more relax.

Night Light. with its 3 levels of brightness, it makes it a perfect night light

Humidification. Keep the correct amount of humidity in a room is very important for your health, especially in winter. 

Moisturizing. Dry air keeps your skin very dry and itchy. Our moon humidifier can help you solve that problem.

large capacity water tank 800 ml.

With its  3-4 times the water capacity of the ordinary humidifier, you can say good bye to the trouble of adding water frequently, keep it for  along time moisturize, and never worry about that the water was running out and would burn off the humidifier. 

Use environment-friendly PP+Wood materials, non-toxic no damage.10-hour automatic power-off protection, automatic Shut-off design, 
never worry about that the water was running out and would burn off the humidifier.

other features

  • Our Moon humidifier runs at 28 decibels (The operating noise level is even lower than that of turning the page of a book). So, it will quiet humidifying without disturbing your study, working or sleeping.
  • 2 button controls: One metal button control the lamp, the other one controls the humidifier. No worrying about the complicated operation of a humidifier, just use one single-key, switch to the mode you want freely, spray can just make our life become simple and comfortable!
  • 3 color night light can provide a comfortable sleeping environment for you. (by Metal buttons can be switched among colors of white light, yellow light, and orange light).
  • package includes

    1 X Humidifier
    1 X USB Cable
    1 X Instructions
    1 X Cotton Swab
    Two in One Application: Used as a personal humidifier and LED light.
    3 Color Night Light Choices: White light, yellow light, and orange light.
    Automatic Shut-Off: 10-hour automatic power-off protection, never worry about burn off the humidifier.

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    Humidification Method

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    Water-shortage Power-off Protection



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    PVC/PP+ electronic components


    LED Colorful night light,Humidification.Aromatherapy machine



    17 reviews for Moon Humidifier

    1. Claudia olivares

      funciona correctamente. 3 tonos de luz y un contenedor grande de agua. No tengo que estarlo llenando a cada rato, como hacia con mi humidificador anterior. Despues de unos minutos de haberlo prendido, todo mi cuarto huele hermoso. Es muy facil de usar y seguro. Solo agregar agua (casi lleno) y agregle gotas de tu aceite favorito para que huela bien rico. No se calienta, asi que no hay peligro. Lo unico malo fue que tardo un poco en llegar pero el vendedor estuvo en contacto con nosotros y no hubo mas problemas.

    2. Verify Customer

      such a great product, well made. My kid loves it. I like how it can switch to 3 different color. The humidifier is great and it gives you an extra filter. Since we started using it, my kid’s nose stopped bleeding at night. I recommend it if your child suffers from a dry nose and constantly bleeds.

    3. Customer

      Nice humidifier, it will get a good gift. The device itself is cool, jet steam high and strong, works silently, in general a miracle thing! I am very happy, thank you!

    4. Clarissa A.

      The humidifier looks very high quality, beautiful. Everything works. I used o have another humidifier that made a lot of noise, but this one is very quiet. Nice cools. Illumination slowly changes light.. If It’s really easier to breathe around specially in cold weather.

    5. Customer

      Very nice, the whole room looks warm and beautiful. And not only a lamp or a humidifier, the sprayed mist will relax the body and mind of the whole person, and it can also play a role in replenishing.

    6. A. S.

      The humidifier is awesome, the surface effect is very real, it looks like the moon, and the lights look good at night

    7. Monica Williams

      Es idéntica a las imágenes del artículo. Iluminada queda igual, tres tonos, muy bonitos, y alumbran el cuarto, ideal cuando ves una película. El humidificador viene con dos posiciones: uno permanente y otro intermitente. El humo que hecha está bien, 2min y toda la habitación huele. Además viene con dos filtros. Es pequeño el objeto pero queda ideal. Botones táctiles, pueden funcionar al mismo tiempo humidificador y luz. Lo unico malo es que tiene que estar enchufada a la red para que funcione. Llevo dos semanas con ella y de momento todo bien. Lo recomiendo

    8. Erin

      Finally is here!! I love it. just like in pictures. it works great and high quality. very happy.Thanks.

    9. Tommy Ayala

      OMG! My wife loves it. She is sooo happy that I earned some points in my favor, lol. The moon is high quality and works great. Just one tip. Add enough water to properly work. If you add just a small amount of water it won’t work. It has an extra filter.
      I’m gonna buy another for my mother.

    10. Tammy S.

      I love my moon. I had a moon but it was only a lamp. This one is BETTER because is a lamp but also a humidifier which is great for this winter weather.
      I have it in my room and I’m gonna buy another for my office because it helps with dry skin. IF you guys suffer from extremely dry skin during winter season, I highly recommend this humidifier and lamp.

    11. Barbara C.

      My daughter loves it. She told me it also helps her with her skin. I didn’t know this but she said that since she started using this lamp-humidifier in her room, the dryness in her skin improved. Now her skin is a lot better, no longer itches, and her nose stopped bleeding. This humidifier is high quality. Something that we also like, is that it has a large container, so she doesn’t have to constantly fill up with water.

    12. Vanessa J.

      It is identical to the images. It has three lighting tones. very very beautiful. I bought two and they light up my bedroom and living room. It is ideal when you watch a movie and want a cozy environment. After a couple of minutes my whole room smells with my favorite fragrance. It comes with 2 filters, and it has touch buttons. What I love the most, is that it can work as a humidifier and light at the same time. I have it for a month an so far everything works great. I highly recommend it. The seller was great.

    13. Miller A.

      Very happy with my purchase. It took a little longer but I understand. The seller was great communicating with us. I highly recommend buying from her. In this times with the situation worldwide, please be more patient. shipping times take longer but they arrived. The moon is high quality and works perfect. I will buy more to give as gifts. Thanks.

    14. Customer

      Description is accurate. One tip, you need to get out and wet the filter itself the first time you use it. cool lamp. Can be used as a humidifier and as a simple lamp. The cat slightly touched the wire, the lamp went off immediately. This is a plus for safety! Of the minuses -the noticeably hanging cable. But in general is great. Long delivery but seller communication was great. – I RECOMMEND!

    15. Anna

      Perfect, I love it. very high quality and works great. so far so good. no complaints at all. the only downside is that it took a little longer to arrive but the seller was in constant communication with us.

    16. Jerry Johnson

      I’m gonna be honest, at first I was upset because the humidifier did not work, but then I read the reviews and wet the stick inside (filter), and it worked. When humidified, it quietly hisses, the container is larger than in another humidifier. You can turn on only the night light, or only the humidifier (but the lid will glow a little blue). Three backlight modes (warm light, cold and neutral), and without it. In general, I’m happy with the purchase.

    17. Customer

      Very happy with the purchase. The product matches the description, no flaws. The delivery was a little longer but the seller was in constant communication with me. I recommend.

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