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Dr. GuaSha – Ultimate Deep Tissue Massage


Tense Muscles?

A More Holistic Conception Of Beauty Feels Real.

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Have you ever wanted to receive the same body therapy treatment that professional athletes and celebrities receive from their body therapist?

The best and most effective therapy that’s been proven to work for thousands of years! Cupping can be an extremely helpful therapy, particularly for those with chronic pain!

Did you know that If you avoid doing back stretches, hamstring stretches, hip flexor stretches or other stretching exercises, you will lose your mobility in those areas. The less you do it, the stiffer the muscles will become to the point where it will be painful to move. Regular massage, stretching and exercise can help ensure that you remain mobile and healthy.

What is cupping therapy

It is an ancient form of alternative medicine treatment for improving sore muscles, releasing spasms and improving immune function. While massage relaxes muscles by using direct pressure to release the tension, cupping uses negative pressure to lift the muscle fibers.

Deep tissue massage by itself is great for releasing knots and tension, but when it’s combined with cupping, you will get even more relief as the skin, muscle and blood vessels are stretched and massaged before being relaxed back into their normal position.

Phelps and other U.S. athletes, including gymnasts and celebrities, use this technique to relieve tension in their muscles.


Unlike traditional cupping, where fire is use to suck in air, and where there is a risk of burns from hot cups, our Dr. GuaSha is a relatively low-risk therapy  because it doesn't need fire to function properly.  It works with an electric vacuum to release tension in the muscles. 

We all know that each body is different,  and so are stress levels. We cannot apply the same amount of heat for everyone. A great advantage of our Dr. GuaSha, is that you can adjust the amount of heat according to your needs. Some days you will need more heat than others, and that is not a problem for us. 

Our Dr. GuaSha combines the benefits of regular massage relaxing muscles and releasing knots and tension, and also the benefits of cupping which is stretch the muscles allowing better flow of blood.


Thermal Energy. Proliferate the dermal collagen by thermal effects and relax your nerves and release pressure by delivering continuous heat.

Magnetic Wave Therapy  Decrease inflammation, swelling and pain to relieve your body fatigue, improve circulation, and promote physical recovery.  The magnetic wave effect can shrink the skin pores and make the skin feel smooth.

Negative Pressure Gravitation. Provide powerful sucking to your skin and adipose tissue to active lymph detoxification function and enhance blood circulation with scraping effect.


Cupping therapy isn’t recommended for everyone. Extra caution should be taken for the following groups:

Children. Children under 4 years old shouldn’t receive cupping therapy. Older children should only be treated for very short periods.
Seniors. Our skin becomes more fragile as we age. Any medication you may be taking might have an effect as well.
Pregnant people. Avoid cupping the abdomen and lower back.
Those who are currently menstruating.

Don’t use cupping if you use blood-thinning medication. Also avoid cupping if you have:

  • a sunburn
  • a wound
  • a skin ulcer
  • experienced recent trauma
  • an internal organ disorder


  • Please put the sponge filter plug into the suction hole to prevent the essential oil or other massage product from entering the machine interior, which may cause damage and reduce lifespan.
  • Apply essential Oil onto you skin before using Dr. GuaSha.
  • Don’t stay in the same position for over 1 minute; And if you feel any discomfort, please stop using it continuously.

    • 1 x Cupping Device
    • 1 x Tape Measure
    • 3 x Sponge Filters & Plugs
    • 1 x heads adapters 
    • 1 x Power Adapter
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 2 x Essential Oils
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