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Who We Are

We are a team passionate about health and fitness. Not because of how people look outside but because of the consequences our lives have when we don’t take care of ourselves. 

Our Story

Since we were kids, we saw family members get really sick, all because they were overweight, never did exercise or were physically active, as a consequence, few of our family members pass away at a young age. 

I remember my younger cousin, who was 21 years old and had a heart attack and facial paralysis, all because he was super overweight. his job didn’t require physical activity, and he never try to at least go for a walk. 

After that experience, where he almost died, he changed his lifestyle, he started eating healthy and walking every day. Nowadays, he is almost in his ideal weight, feeling thousands of times better. 

Because of that and other close experiences, we wanted to help others by giving some tips, tricks, advice, products, and more on how to stay healthy. 

Our blogs are written by professionals health care providers (doctors, surgeons, nurses, pediatricians, psychologists, etc)

We hope to inspire you and help you to improve your life by living in a healthy way. 


Your Whole Wellness Team.

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